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Windows are the main part of the house or buildings where it often uses as the main ventilation for wind to travel in and out the unit.


uPVC is one of the most suitable materials for production of windows that has been widely accepted locally and internationally. Especially in European countries where uPVC was being used for more than 50 years and it was invented and developed to replace the use of natural resources like wood and aluminum. uPVC does help in energy saving by consuming less energy on recyling process than all kinds of metal. 


uPVC windows are the synthetic material without trouble modifying its shape, especially during the bending process. Its surface will not get shrink, break, or tear, and uPVC can be bent into perfect round shape with smallest diameter of 30 cm. Both sides of end profile can be welded and joint perfectly with heat. EPDM gaskets can also be used in whatever shapes to prevent all leaks. Other shapes from circle, uPVC can bend into many other shapes like wave-shape, arch-shape, etc.


Bended uPVC windows equipped with quality uPVC windows hardware e.g. handles for uPVC windows, hinges for uPVC windows, rollers for uPVC windows, cylinders for uPVC windows, bolts for uPVC windows, frictions and stay arm for windows, EPDM gasket for uPVC windows, etc.

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