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This is an advantage beyond all metal materials which bring in heat from outside to inside. This will cause the increase in temperature, then end up with higher expense spent on air-conditioner.


By using uPVC Window and Door System, heat will not be transferred through frame area because uPVC is non-heat insulated material. This can be tested by leave a sample of uPVC outdoor all day long, surface temperature of uPVC Sample surface only increase by 1 – 2 degrees while temperature of metal surface increased extremely high, unable to hold the sample with bare hands.


The Heat Transfer Co-efficiency rate of uPVC is only 1/357 times of steel and 1/1250 times of aluminum. Refer to what have been tested, in summer, a room with uPVC Window and Door installed will have lower temperature around 4 – 5 degrees.


uPVC as mentioned is a synthetic material without the use of natural resources, also consume less production and recycle energy by comsume only 1/14.5 times of steel and 1/8.8 times of aluminum.


As a conclusion, uPVC doors were invented and developed from the weaknesses from other doors systems. It was designed with modern, strength over existing doors. Currently, the trend of using uPVC doors are expanding, many countries in all continents like America, Europe, Australia, Asia are using uPVC doors widely in both residences and high-rise buildings


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