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Our photo gallery showcases all of our project that we proudly present with photography. It includes uPVC windows and doors attached on beautiful house of all sizes and architectural styles also include of uPVC windows and doors, uPVC pergolas, uPVC lattices, uPVC fences, uPVC railing, uPVC shades, uPVC gazebos, uPVC outdoor furnitures, etc.

You will find the complete product catalogue in PDF format in our website. It is available for viewing and downloading.

Catalogue contain of uPVC profile product range from PEONEK, uPVC machine for fabricate uPVC windows and doors from NEUTE, hardware for uPVC windows and doors from VILANN brand, uPVC furniture and other accessories for uPVC.    

We provide video presentation of our PEONEK uPVC profile,using demonstration of VILANN uPVC hardware and sample of using NEUTE uPVC fabrication machine.

We provide little tips for maintainance your house, tips for choose house, trick to choose the grass. You will find many reasons to choose uPVC profile as your windows and doors. 

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