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uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride which was the chemical combination between normal PVC and other stabilizers like Heat Stabilizer, Light Stabilizer, Titanium Di Oxide (TiO2) and fillers. uPVC is however, stronger than normal PVC, provide longer lifetime from outdoor environmental usage without any damages occurred to the profile.


PEONEK uPVC Profile, its surface is beautiful and gloss without adding white powder as an ingredient to bright up the profile. The extrusion is neat without bubble on the surface. PEONEK uPVC Profiles are high flexibility which suitable for all kinds of construction as well as uPVC windows and doors on the high-rise buildings.


PEONEK uPVC Profiles are bendable but will not break or crack. PEONEK uPVC Profiles were designed to absorb and withstand high pressure and high impact. Inside profile consists of multi-chamber which strengthen the system and also provide an area to insert reinforcement steel.


Thickness of PEONEK uPVC Profile ranged from 2.5 – 3.0 mm with 1.2 mm reinforcement steel bend to fit the main profile’s room. uPVC profiles with steel reinforced are as strong as steel concrete structure. Moreover, PEONEK uPVC profiles are fire retardant and self distinguished with melting point at 250 degree celcius.


PEONEK uPVC Profile is able to withstand the critical climate change from -30 degrees to +70 degrees and able to withstand sunlight, snow, and strong wind.

PEONEK uPVC Profile can be produced as uPVC windows and doors, uPVC pergolas, uPVC lattices, uPVC fences, uPVC railing, uPVC shades, uPVC gazebos, uPVC outdoor furnitures, etc.


MATUV as one of the Thailand’s best uPVC Manufacturer for home decoration intends to launch uPVC products to replace all natural resource-based products to help the world we are living. 

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