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uPVC Windows and Doors System with multi-chamber structure in all uPVC Profiles, use of EPDM Gasket Rubber, and Fusion Welding Technology, these give uPVC Windows and Doors System number one in soundproof performance.


With uPVC Windows and Doors, it provides 30 dB better soundproof than other system with the same glass thickness. For the best soundproof performance, it is recommended to use uPVC Windows and Doors together with either laminated or insulated glass option.


Any residences requiring the special soundproof system, uPVC single casement windows are able to fully support this requirement, especially when applying double glazing glass which can reduce up to 30 dB of sound.


Moreover, heat protection is possible with double glazing glasses too. uPVC single casement windows are the best system for soundproof and anti-leak as the design of uPVC sash are large enough to cover the uPVC frame.


uPVC windows and doors are the system, which use EPDM gasket rubbers more than other system, which helps reducing the level of decibel from outside and able to prevent leak better than other systems. 


We suggest customer to choosing uPVC single casement windows for the best system for soundproof.

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