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There are many types of glass for window and door and all of them are having different advantage and disadvantage as well as price from each other. Good glass should be strong, heatproof, with proper thickness to fit with different use, e.g. glass for high-rise building should be thicker than glass installed in the low-rise residences. Good glass should also been produced in high quality, glass should be clear, etc.


Types of glass can be widely categorized into 3 types which are glass for automobile industry, glass for furniture, and glass for window and door. Each type of glass is having different price range and the price is sometime depending on some other factors like thickness, size, and type of glass. It is recommended to have the right type of glass than only considering on the price alone. Types of glass can be categorized as below;


Normal glass or anneal glass is the glass without any coatings on the surface of glass. The thickness of the anneal glass starts from 4 mm up to 10+ mm and over. Anneal glass is the normal glass without any safety ability involved in the production, therefore, anneal glass is often used in small and low-rise furnishing like glass for furniture, glass for small windows, etc.


Heat strength glass and tempered glass is the glass, which have been baked in high temperature and immediately cool down to give glass better strength. Heat strength and tempered glass is 3 to 5 times stronger than the anneal glass and they are considered as safety glass. When the glass is broken, glass will break in small pieces without sharpness. This type of glass is able to withstand the high impact on the surface but weak at the corner. Once the impact occurred at the corner of the glass, glass will be easily broken at the time it’s been hit. Heat strength glass can be seperated into 3 types which are insulated glass, laminated glass, and coated glass like low-e and reflective glass.

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